Let’s Talk About Chalk

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My name is Michelle Baker and I’m the owner & art director of Rockin’ Chalk, (a.k.a. the chick behind the chalk.)

With over 20 years of experience as a professional artist & designer, I  started this venture to create stand-out products based on a central, decorative graphic illustration style called “Rockin’ Chalk.” It is decorative design that’s sassy, timeless and classy, with a touch of attitude and a bunch of soul.  I call it  modern merch with a vintage vibe.

Rockin' Chalk Studio 1

Hand-drawn art created with pencil, chalk and charcoal is how it all begins. Next, those sketches are digitally refined (that’s the part where we “rock it” a little). The final products are mechanically printed as posters and prints of various sizes and the designs never rub off. Now doesn’t THAT rock?

Rockin' Chalk Studio 2

:: Coming Soon ::
Meet my amazing chalk-stars who contribute their mad skills to the Rockin’ Chalk collections