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Do Ya Love Me?

Cheers to 30 Years

I cannot believe that it has been THIRTY years since Johnny and Baby brought us to that magical world of Kellerman’s Vacation Resort! Bittersweet to think of how much time that is!

I went to see Dirty Dancing in the theater with a bunch of my closest friends on a gorgeous summer evening, completely clueless that we were walking into a film that would make an indelible mark on the hearts of a whole generation of women. A lot has happened since then, to say the least, but this modern day classic still holds up. I’m nostalgic by nature, so this film, along with the memories of the experiences associated with it, including the soundtrack that we could not escape for years, always sends me to a special, sweet place in time.

Here’s what I’m thinking: Let’s kick out the husband and kids and gather up the girls for a Quote-A-Long Movie night! And yes, they need to go… you need freedom to shout “NOBODY PUTS BABY IN THE CORNER!” without being ridiculed. Face it, ladies, our guys wouldn’t know a good movie if it hit ’em in the Pachanga!

Take a few steps… twists… maybe even a lift… down memory lane while sipping delicious (and did I mention EASY) cocktails and let’s raise a glass to the late, great Patrick Swayze and his forbidden moves.

These six 5×7″ printable cocktail signs are all bundled as a set for you to host your Dirty Dancing themed film fest.
If you were looking for an excuse to assemble your friends for a casual, easy get-together, look no further!


So, let’s join in just one last chorus, visitors, staff and guests.
What we’ve shared won’t be forgotten, old friends are the best.

Theme Party Film Fest Signs – Dirty Dancing
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40 Fun Drink Names for Your Big Day

Decisions, decisions. There are a few bazillion to make when planning your wedding. But hear this: I’m willing to bet that you and your fiancé will have the most fun brainstorming your cocktail selections. Trust me! Even the guys like getting involved in choosing beverages for the event!

Don’t just choose from a few standard ideas your bartender or banquet facility may have. Kick it up a notch and customize YOUR cocktails with creative names on a keepsake bar sign that will add a fun, personalized touch to the room and provide an ice-breaking conversation piece for guests. (Pun very much intended.) Little accents, used sparingly throughout your wedding décor, can highlight the personalities of the two people getting hitched. This is an opportunity to be playful and connect with your guests (while they’re enjoying cocktails and you’re busy smiling for photo #432).

Need a little help getting inspired? Rockin’ Chalk has created HUNDREDS of illustrated cocktail signs for weddings, showers, engagement parties and rehearsal dinners and trust me…. the options are endless. Gathering up a few dozen that have been the most-popular, we present:

40 Fun Drink Names for Your Big Day


40 Fun Drinks for Your Big Day


Something Blue  is a top choice for bride’s beverages due to the famous superstition that a bride needs “Something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue.” What’s super fun about this, too, is that it’s so versatile. The options for blue drinks just go on and on, and if it’s blue you’re after, there’s sure to be a cocktail that will suit your style.

perfect pear cocktail The Perfect Pear is obviously a cute play on words for the Perfect Pair. Summer and fall are the peak times to feature pear flavors. A few drinks with Pear Vodka include the Admiral Perry, the Dafne Martini, the French Pear Martini, and the Lotus Blossom. The Frisco 49 is a pear gin cocktail that is lovely for any season, while the “Early Autumn” uses pear brandy and apple-pear infused gin for a really nice fall flavor. The Marpessa is creamier, using a pear liqueur with cachaca. But remember… on your big day, you can call the drink anything you want (as long as your bartender knows the ingredients.)

What can you do with a drink named The I Do ? Absolutely anything! This is a wonderful catch-all drink name for a wedding day cocktail that you’re struggling to name, and it can also be changed to “I Do Brews” for a beer menu or a signature beer cocktail.

wedding cake martini

The Wedding Cake Martini is a decadent addition to the cocktail hour and can be served a number of ways (whipped cream optional.) Usually, a cake vodka or whipped cream vodka is used in the drink recipe, and from there, the variations can be as specific as you want. Gold sugar rims add sparkle and glamour, flavored liqeuers such as orange or cherry can imitate flavors you are using in your actual wedding cake. Chocolate martinis can also be perfect for this with additions of hazelnut or salted caramel flavors.appley ever after cocktail

Late summer and all through autumn, the flavors of apple and cinnamon are in demand. The Appley Ever After is a great play on words for a wedding cocktail and it can be used for a wide range of apple inspired cocktails, including spiked cider, sangria, apple margaritas and martinis, plus many more!

blushing bride cocktail

In my experience, the reigning recipe for a “Blushing Bride” is champagne with Raspberry Liqueur (Chambord). However, I’ve seen just about anything with pink, raspberry or strawberry in it be re-named as The Blushing Bride. Too common? Well, that’s your call. Sometimes the most repeated things aren’t common, but classic. It’s still cool to wear white on your wedding day and it’s definitely still very cool to think pink for the bride’s drink.

wedding bellini peach

The Bellini originated in Venice, Italy and the Bellini Cocktail is a mixture of Prosecco sparkling wine and peach purée or nectar. In a drink sign, you can hyphenate the title Wedding Bell-ini  to emphasize the Bell (as in wedding bells) and the peach theme is perfect for summertime weddings.

about thyme cocktail

About Thyme.” There’s always somebody somewhere who’s thinking it. Might even be the bride! But if Great Aunt Millie has been on your backs about it for years now, well… raise a glass to the reluctant groom and to Aunt Millie with a thyme-infused cocktail! A truly evergreen drink, thyme is a wonderful herb to use in the fall and winter, and if used in a cocktail with grapefruit or other citrus, it’s lovely in spring and summer too!

Cocktails featuring mint are hot these days…and great for hot days! The Mint to Be (insert drink name) works well for Spiked Teas (“Mint to Be Tea“) as well as Mint Juleps, Mojitos and margaritas that include muddled mint or simply a fresh sprig of mint as garnish.

Another way to incorporate mint into your cocktail’s name is The Big Commit-MINT. Fruit, liquor and lemonade combinations, like this Blueberry and Vodka Lemonade with a sprig of mint, are often favorites for the Groom’s drink and this type of simple pairing will allow you to pop a sprig of mint on top with any other appropriate fruit garnish of choice, without going overboard with strong mint flavor.

Orange Crush Signature Drink

It usually all begins with a crush, why not take it full circle with The Orange Crush as a signature drink? A festive pop of color over crushed ice makes for a gorgeous refreshment for any season!

coconuts about you wedding drink

The simple, bold ingredient of Coconut in any drink opens up the opportunity to name your sweet cocktail Coconuts About You. From fruity drinks with Malibu Coconut Rum, to heavier coconut milk drinks like the Pina Colada, or toasted coconut rimmed glasses with flavored martinis, you can…well.. go nuts!

Beach wedding? Destination wedding? Just dig those Mai Tai’s in general? Mai Tai the Knot might be the perfect drink for you! A witty play on words, this fun twist on a classic cocktail is simply adorable.

champagne cocktail candy

Ummm… it does NOT get any sweeter than a champagne coupe full of champagne and cotton candy! Sweet on You is an absolute show-stopper! This cocktail, in fact, was the drink of choice by the well-known YouTuber Kendall Rae (see her show you the sign for her wedding here about 8:10 into the episode). Kendall took it up one more notch by naming it the Cotton Kendy… how could she not?!

wedding margaritas

Any drink you can rim in Salt can be a Salty Kisses experience. Typically a margarita, there are a number of ways to serve your wedding margarita. Salty Kisses, which conjures up the taste of a salty seaside kiss. is a great drink name for summer weddings or seaside nuptials.

Groom's Gimlet Signature Drink

The gimlet is a cocktail made of gin and lime juice. Sort of straight forward and a true classic, sometimes this is exactly like that strong, silent guy who’s waiting for you at the end of the aisle. The Groom’s Gimlet can be garnished with lime and is really a rather elegant throw-back cocktail.

walking wed

Clubs and parties not your scene? Maybe you’re the kind of couple who much prefers cuddling on the couch and binge watching the Walking Dead? For you, I present…The Walking Wed. I think for this to truly work, you really have to be fans of the show, or atleast of Zombies, in general. Reflecting something about your hobbies and interests is what makes this kind of thing cool. Speak with your bartender to find out if a splash of Blue Curaçao will make your yellow drink more green (and zombie-like) or perhaps just serve the classic traditional “Zombie” cocktail with fruit juices, liqueurs and various rums.

rosemarry me bourbon smash

Everything old is new again and Bourbon has made an immense comeback! With artisinal bourbons and infused flavors, bourbon is a classic for the older guests at your event, while offering a very hip taste of sophistication to the twenty and thirty-something crowd. Incorporating the herb, rosemary, into a bourbon cocktail (or Bourbon Smash) gives you the opportunity to serve the Rosemarry Me as your signature drink.

champagne french kiss

The French 75 is a cocktail made from Cognac or gin, Champagne, lemon juice, and sugar. It is also called a 75 Cocktail…but come on… that doesn’t sound romantic at all! Let’s just call it a French Kiss. Ooh la la!

old fashioned cocktail

Okay, so it is really just an Old Fashioned, but if the bride’s drink is going to be called “Something Blue” then Something Old Fashioned will go perfectly with hers. The Old Fashioned is created by muddling sugar with bitters, then adding whiskey or brandy, a twist of citrus rind, and optionally a cherry may be added for some extra swag.


Easiest and most versatile crowd-pleasing drink EVER – Sangria! For a fun attraction, set up a Sangria Station or Sangria Bar and allow guests to put their own special twist on their cocktail.  Serious Sangria or “Say I Do Sangria” is a fun way to tie the name of the drink into your shower, rehearsal dinner or reception. There are tons of great sangria recipes out there featuring flavors from tropical blends with rum and sweet summertime fruits to spicy bourbon flavored blends with apples and citrus that will pair perfectly with any seasonal foods you may be serving.

Romantic and elegant, we introduce…The True Blue  (recipe can be found on the web site of Absolut Vodka). True Blue incoporates Elderflower Liqueur which is made from a small, white starry flower that blooms through the spring and summer. This sweet, aromatic cocktail is perfect for summertime weddings and anniversaries.

During warm seasons, the Mojito is a very popular cocktail and it comes in a rainbow of colors and flavors. Add a little twist by incorporating Passionfruit into the ingredients for a  Passionfruit Mojito, cool, exotic, refreshing and romantic. Boom!

Being truly and madly in love requires a sweet, red drink like the Truly Madly Margarita. I suppose you could call it a strawberry margarita, too. Again, with this idea, you could actually name any margarita this way. The red color is nice touch though.

What can you serve as a cocktail called Devotion Potion? What CAN’T you? From rum to Razmatazz, the options are endless, as long as there is more than one ingredient, which makes it a little more “potion-like.” What better way to play up the promise and devotion implied by your new vows?

From bridal showers to weddings, this is a nice approach for a very light, feminine touch. Maybe you’re from Georgia. Maybe it’s summertime and fresh peaches are on your menu. Perhaps you just absolutely adore the flavor of peach. Whatever the reason, Peaches & Promises is a suitable name for a Sangria with peaches.

The Main Squeeze. Ya see what we did there? So… obviously anything squeezed (like fresh lemons for lemonade) will work as a drink names The Main Squeeze. Strawberry Lemonade Cocktails add a nice blush for a little extra romance and summertime sweetness.

Remember that Bangles song Eternal Flame? No? Well.. look it up and have a listen. Then, consider this amazing, fiery-colored mix for your signature drink. Imagine: Coconut Rum, Spiced Rum, Banana Liqueur, Pineapple Juice, Orange Juice & Grenadine…in a mason jar! Caution… it may be one of those cocktails that makes for some good stories the next day. Or for ETERNITY.

Naming your cocktail Lucky in Love allows you to serve just about any cocktail you want. The idea with this is the underlying theme of being lucky. Maybe you both enjoy a little casino fun now and then, or you are having a Vegas Wedding. A few dice mixed in with the drink garnish makes an adorable nod to casino gaming. Think creatively though… if it’s an Irish wedding, maybe swap out the dice for a shamrock and serve a gorgeous green drink. You get the idea.

Maybe it is a good way to describe your opposite personalities? Maybe it’s just a warning to the guests that the drink is, well…Fire and Ice. This can be an ideal way to serve Tennessee Fire Whiskey, or other bold cocktails that include hot cinnamon, cayenne, jalapenos, tabasco or other spicy touches.

You could name many drinks (almost any drink) Endless Love. However, I have to point you toward this concoction with Crown Royal Whiskey with Orange Juice & Cream Soda. For some reason, THIS just seems like the right one for that name.

Much like the tradition of gentlemen wearing a suit and a bow-tie, there are some classic, longstanding, never-out-of-style equivalents in the world of cocktails. The Liquid Bow Tie is a fun “formal” name for a gimlet, a martini, or as in this picture, an Amaretto Sour.

This is a specific recipe that tastes like Angel Food cake, but of course, for this purpose, we’re going to name it Groom’s Cake. Vanilla Vodka & Amaretto are combined with Cranberry Juice & Pineapple Juice. (The actual recipe can be found on

The Shore Thing still has that beach theme to it, still has the little touch of naughty innuendo, but… let’s face it, it’s one notch classier than calling your wedding drink “Sex on the Beach.” Same recipe, but… a little more PG rated for the big day. Also perfect for beach-location weddings.

Sugar and Spice is perfect for the bride-to-be who has that certain little swaggatude. Spicy Jalapeno and Watermelon margarita (there are several recipes for this) combine for a drink that bites back…well.. just a naughty nibble, really. Sweet and sassy, this is a great drink for the rehearsal dinner or a bachelorette gathering, as well as a reception.

Blue Me Away pretty much says it all — and includes it all. This blue blend will blow your guests away! Tequila with juices of Pineapple, orange, passion fruit and lime, with of course, the magical Blue Curaçao…gorgeous and delicious.

You’ve known it from the start… you’re Kindred Spirits. You see things the same way, you just “get” one another. A cute play on the word “Spirits” meaning alcohol, the name Kindred Spirits can apply to any alcoholic concoction you would like it to.

  • The winter season is a fantastic time to feature cranberry flavored beverages. Cranberry Kiss is a light, carbonated blend that pairs well with any shower, rehearsal or wedding menu and brings a touch of festive color to the party. Another little inside hint… “Anything” Kiss can actually be a pretty  nice Signature Drink Name for your wedding or shower, it it’s summer, make it a Mandarin Kiss, or a Coconut Kiss. Autumn? Apple Kiss, Cinnamon Kiss, et cetera.

The Marry Me Mimosa is such a simple drink to serve (champagne with orange juice, maybe an optional strawberry garnish for fun) and it’s perfect for any celebration, from an engagement party, to a shower, a rehearsal, reception, or the morning after breakfast.

One of the very best selling drink signs by Rockin’ Chalk features the Drunk in Love. It’s a simple drink with Raspberry Vodka, Champagne and a splash of cranberry juice and it is an absolute favorite. I really am not sure if it’s the drink’s name or the flavor that makes it so popular, but I’d say test it out and see for yourself.

As you can see, unique options for signature cocktail are unlimited. Hopefully this got your creative juices flowing with delicious ideas! There are many signs by Rockin’ Chalk that you can purchase and download instantly for your bar décor, but if you’re in the mood to design something even more unique, you can do that too! At this time, customized orders are handled through the Rockin’ Chalk Shop on Etsy.

40 Best Wedding Signature Drink Ideas from

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Holiday Gift Guide

Drink Sign SaleThis is so much fun!

As much I like to plan and prepare for all different holidays, I find myself CONSTANTLY falling behind schedule every time! Next thing I know, the occasion (a birthday, a wedding, or Christmas) arrives and I have not accomplished the ideas I had all laid out in my mind. Life just gets very busy.

With that in mind, I did some shopping for YOU this year.

I decided that whatever items I would focus on in my shop this season would be the kind that would simplify your life…because Lord knows, I need that in MY life. I think we can all use a little “shortcut” here and there.


I visited the liquor store and gathered up a Baker’s Dozen of “Nips”as we in the Northeast call them. (Interestingly, I just learned that not everybody calls them that throughout the U.S.)

I chose fairly classic spirits and paired them with some super-simple-to-make cocktail recipes and created instant downloads of prints with Holiday Themed Drink Signs. These are easy, crowd-pleasing cocktails designed to keep it fun, festive and most of all… EASY!

I have designed, for you, naughtylistover a dozen 5″ x 7″ Printable Cocktail/”Mocktail” signs that you can download and print for party decorations or to include in a little gift basket for those tricky-to-buy for people on your list. Bundle them up with little mini-bar sized spirits, some candy, and other festive affordable garnishes.

What’s even better is you can print as many as you need from a single download. I then used very inexpensive acrylic 5″x7″ photo frames that can be found at stores like A.C. Moore or Walmart, and they make a really nice presentation.

This is a shortcut shopping list & Gift Guide for you:

Have a look and pair these ingredients and holiday signs with the people on your list who like rum, vodka, bourbon, etc. Creating a fun, beautiful little gift that has some holiday swagger, without breaking the bank is just a couple of clicks away!

And for the non-alcoholic alternatives, for family-friendly parties or gift giving, with some cookies or cocoa ingredients, check out these giftable sign ideas:



So cheers! Here’s wishing you a very merry holiday season, and hoping you can truly ENJOY it without too much hustle-bustle and exhaustion. I hope I’ve made something on your list a little easier!

Choose from these 5″x7″ Sign Designs and create a gift based around it, or decorate your holiday bar!

5″x7″ Cocktail Sign:
Been Berry Berry Good

Ingredients: 1/8 Teaspoon of of Powdered Lemonade Mix per 2 Cups of Raspberry Vodka Served with Extra Ice





5″x 7″ Cocktail Sign:
Sleigh Ride 

Ingredients: Classic White Russian Vodka & Kahlua with Heavy Cream Over Ice, with a Cherry






5″x 7″ Cocktail Sign:
Cranberry Kiss 

Ingredients: 1 oz. White Rum 3 oz. Cranberry Juice & 3 oz. Ginger Ale Served Over Ice






5″x 7″ Cocktail Sign:
Sugar Cookie 

Ingredients: Equal parts of Bourbon, Buttershots (Butterscotch Liqeuer) and Irish Cream on Ice with Whipped Cream





5″x 7″ Cocktail Sign:
Sleigh Breeze

Ingredients: Classic Bay Breeze Malibu Rum with Pineapple & Cranberry Juice on Ice






5″x 7″ Cocktail Sign:
Rudolph’s Nose

Ingredients: Captain Morgan Spiced Rum with Coca-Cola, Grenadine, Lime, & a Maraschino Cherry






5″x 7″ Cocktail Sign:
Candy Cane Cocoa

Ingredients:Hot Chocolate with Peppermint Schnapps, Topped with Whipped Cream & Peppermint Candy





5″x 7″ Cocktail Sign:
Naughty Nog 

Ingredients: Mischief-Filled Egg Nog with Bourbon, Brandy & Rum






5″x 7″ Cocktail Sign:
Kentucky Coffee 

Ingredients: Coffee with Kentucky Bourbon Topped with Whipped Cream, Cinnamon & Nutmeg





5″x 7″ Cocktail Sign:
Gingle Bell Rocks 

Ingredients: 1 part Gin & 1 part Cranberry Juice, a Splash of Club Soda & Simple Syrup Served on the Rocks





5″x 7″ Cocktail Sign:
Dasher Splash

Ingredients: Driver’s Special: Orange Juice with a Splash of Lemon-Lime Soda on Ice





5″x 7″ Cocktail Sign:
Fezziwig Fizz 

Ingredients: 1 part Gin, 1 part Cranberry Juice, a Splash of Club Soda & Simple Syrup with a Lime.






5″x 7″ Cocktail Sign:
Cookie & Milk

Ingredients: The Big Man’s Favorites for All to Enjoy: Fresh Baked Cookies & Milk





5″x 7″ Cocktail Sign:
Toy Maker

Ingredients: Honey Jack Daniels Tennessee Whiskey Blend with Ginger Ale, Orange Juice & Grenadine






5″x 7″ Cocktail Sign:

Christmas Cocoa

Ingredients: Rich Hot Chocolate with Whipped Cream, Butterscotch Chips, a Dash of Cinnamon & a Cherry on Top




5″x 7″ Cocktail Sign:
Winter Wonder 

Ingredients: 2 oz. of Bailey’s Irish Cream with a Splash of Vodka, Shaken Over Ice & Garnished with an Orange Peel






5″x 7″ Cocktail Sign:
Naughty List Cocoa 

Ingredients: Rich Hot Chocolate with Pinnacle Whipped Vodka Topped with Whipped Cream





5″x 7″ Cocktail Sign:

Classic Egg Nog

Ingredients: Family Friendly Classic Egg Nog with No Naughty Ingredients