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Holiday Gift Guide

Drink Sign SaleThis is so much fun!

As much I like to plan and prepare for all different holidays, I find myself CONSTANTLY falling behind schedule every time! Next thing I know, the occasion (a birthday, a wedding, or Christmas) arrives and I have not accomplished the ideas I had all laid out in my mind. Life just gets very busy.

With that in mind, I did some shopping for YOU this year.

I decided that whatever items I would focus on in my shop this season would be the kind that would simplify your life…because Lord knows, I need that in MY life. I think we can all use a little “shortcut” here and there.


I visited the liquor store and gathered up a Baker’s Dozen of “Nips”as we in the Northeast call them. (Interestingly, I just learned that not everybody calls them that throughout the U.S.)

I chose fairly classic spirits and paired them with some super-simple-to-make cocktail recipes and created instant downloads of prints with Holiday Themed Drink Signs. These are easy, crowd-pleasing cocktails designed to keep it fun, festive and most of all… EASY!

I have designed, for you, naughtylistover a dozen 5″ x 7″ Printable Cocktail/”Mocktail” signs that you can download and print for party decorations or to include in a little gift basket for those tricky-to-buy for people on your list. Bundle them up with little mini-bar sized spirits, some candy, and other festive affordable garnishes.

What’s even better is you can print as many as you need from a single download. I then used very inexpensive acrylic 5″x7″ photo frames that can be found at stores like A.C. Moore or Walmart, and they make a really nice presentation.

This is a shortcut shopping list & Gift Guide for you:

Have a look and pair these ingredients and holiday signs with the people on your list who like rum, vodka, bourbon, etc. Creating a fun, beautiful little gift that has some holiday swagger, without breaking the bank is just a couple of clicks away!

And for the non-alcoholic alternatives, for family-friendly parties or gift giving, with some cookies or cocoa ingredients, check out these giftable sign ideas:



So cheers! Here’s wishing you a very merry holiday season, and hoping you can truly ENJOY it without too much hustle-bustle and exhaustion. I hope I’ve made something on your list a little easier!

Choose from these 5″x7″ Sign Designs and create a gift based around it, or decorate your holiday bar!

5″x7″ Cocktail Sign:
Been Berry Berry Good

Ingredients: 1/8 Teaspoon of of Powdered Lemonade Mix per 2 Cups of Raspberry Vodka Served with Extra Ice





5″x 7″ Cocktail Sign:
Sleigh Ride 

Ingredients: Classic White Russian Vodka & Kahlua with Heavy Cream Over Ice, with a Cherry






5″x 7″ Cocktail Sign:
Cranberry Kiss 

Ingredients: 1 oz. White Rum 3 oz. Cranberry Juice & 3 oz. Ginger Ale Served Over Ice






5″x 7″ Cocktail Sign:
Sugar Cookie 

Ingredients: Equal parts of Bourbon, Buttershots (Butterscotch Liqeuer) and Irish Cream on Ice with Whipped Cream





5″x 7″ Cocktail Sign:
Sleigh Breeze

Ingredients: Classic Bay Breeze Malibu Rum with Pineapple & Cranberry Juice on Ice






5″x 7″ Cocktail Sign:
Rudolph’s Nose

Ingredients: Captain Morgan Spiced Rum with Coca-Cola, Grenadine, Lime, & a Maraschino Cherry






5″x 7″ Cocktail Sign:
Candy Cane Cocoa

Ingredients:Hot Chocolate with Peppermint Schnapps, Topped with Whipped Cream & Peppermint Candy





5″x 7″ Cocktail Sign:
Naughty Nog 

Ingredients: Mischief-Filled Egg Nog with Bourbon, Brandy & Rum






5″x 7″ Cocktail Sign:
Kentucky Coffee 

Ingredients: Coffee with Kentucky Bourbon Topped with Whipped Cream, Cinnamon & Nutmeg





5″x 7″ Cocktail Sign:
Gingle Bell Rocks 

Ingredients: 1 part Gin & 1 part Cranberry Juice, a Splash of Club Soda & Simple Syrup Served on the Rocks





5″x 7″ Cocktail Sign:
Dasher Splash

Ingredients: Driver’s Special: Orange Juice with a Splash of Lemon-Lime Soda on Ice





5″x 7″ Cocktail Sign:
Fezziwig Fizz 

Ingredients: 1 part Gin, 1 part Cranberry Juice, a Splash of Club Soda & Simple Syrup with a Lime.






5″x 7″ Cocktail Sign:
Cookie & Milk

Ingredients: The Big Man’s Favorites for All to Enjoy: Fresh Baked Cookies & Milk





5″x 7″ Cocktail Sign:
Toy Maker

Ingredients: Honey Jack Daniels Tennessee Whiskey Blend with Ginger Ale, Orange Juice & Grenadine






5″x 7″ Cocktail Sign:

Christmas Cocoa

Ingredients: Rich Hot Chocolate with Whipped Cream, Butterscotch Chips, a Dash of Cinnamon & a Cherry on Top




5″x 7″ Cocktail Sign:
Winter Wonder 

Ingredients: 2 oz. of Bailey’s Irish Cream with a Splash of Vodka, Shaken Over Ice & Garnished with an Orange Peel






5″x 7″ Cocktail Sign:
Naughty List Cocoa 

Ingredients: Rich Hot Chocolate with Pinnacle Whipped Vodka Topped with Whipped Cream





5″x 7″ Cocktail Sign:

Classic Egg Nog

Ingredients: Family Friendly Classic Egg Nog with No Naughty Ingredients