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Groundhog Day Quote :: “That’s My Favorite Drink”

groundhog day drink

It’s one of those odd days, isn’t it? I mean.. It’s not really a holiday but there is all that tradition and superstition. I think 70% of North America is just grasping at anything to give them hope that winter is almost over.

There is a lot of history and folklore around the day, but it wasn’t until 1993 when the Bill Murray and Andie MacDowell film brought the term “Groundhog Day” into mainstream vernacular, meaning when something keeps happening again and again to the point of insanity.

If you’ve seen the film any number of times, you just might recall that Phil Connors (played by Bill Murray) is forced to drink sweet vermouth on the rocks with a twist. It is the favorite drink of his producer, (Andie MacDowell) who he is smitten with. And he can’t stand it.

So how’s your Thursday going? A little monotonous? Thirsty Thursday, is it?

Well…we’ve got your Groundhog Day Happy Hour covered!

Enjoy this free 5×7″ printable. Print it. Mix it. Drink it. Repeat. For ten years… Like Groundhog Day.