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Cheers to 30 Years

I cannot believe that it has been THIRTY years since Johnny and Baby brought us to that magical world of Kellerman’s Vacation Resort! Bittersweet to think of how much time that is!

I went to see Dirty Dancing in the theater with a bunch of my closest friends on a gorgeous summer evening, completely clueless that we were walking into a film that would make an indelible mark on the hearts of a whole generation of women. A lot has happened since then, to say the least, but this modern day classic still holds up. I’m nostalgic by nature, so this film, along with the memories of the experiences associated with it, including the soundtrack that we could not escape for years, always sends me to a special, sweet place in time.

Here’s what I’m thinking: Let’s kick out the husband and kids and gather up the girls for a Quote-A-Long Movie night! And yes, they need to go… you need freedom to shout “NOBODY PUTS BABY IN THE CORNER!” without being ridiculed. Face it, ladies, our guys wouldn’t know a good movie if it hit ’em in the Pachanga!

Take a few steps… twists… maybe even a lift… down memory lane while sipping delicious (and did I mention EASY) cocktails and let’s raise a glass to the late, great Patrick Swayze and his forbidden moves.

These six 5×7″ printable cocktail signs are all bundled as a set for you to host your Dirty Dancing themed film fest.
If you were looking for an excuse to assemble your friends for a casual, easy get-together, look no further!


So, let’s join in just one last chorus, visitors, staff and guests.
What we’ve shared won’t be forgotten, old friends are the best.

Theme Party Film Fest Signs – Dirty Dancing